Charitable Foundation "Victor Baranskiy's Fund"


You are the kind of person we are looking for if you are burning with the desire to help people, you are more than 18 years old and the motto of our foundation, "Live! Think! Act " is not just fluent phrases for you!


Our wards and the Fund itself need the diverse support, so each volunteer will be able to choose the job to his liking.

If you have a car you can help the fund with:

  • participation in the preparation of charity events
  • freight transportation
  • placement of advertising materials on your car
  • delivery of assistance to project participants

If you have a computer, a telephone and some free time, you can:

  • disseminate information (sms, telephone calls)
  • receive and process messages
  • create and manage communities in social networks
  • disseminate information on the forums
  • create and distribute videos.

If you love children, you are a good organizer, full of ideas and have appropriate experience and education, you can:

  • assist in the organization of educational projects
  • help in the organization of cultural and sports events
  • think up with ideas for leisure activities for children and seniors
  • consult the fund’s wards for Legal Affairs, psychological problems, help in social adaptation
  • implement your own creative ideas and projects within the fund’s activity.