Charitable Foundation "Victor Baranskiy's Fund"


"Regional Center for Socio-Psychological Aid" works in Odessa on 11, Krasnaya str. Young people between 18 and 35 years old with difficult life circumstances are sheltered here for three months. They are orphans and immigrants from the east of Ukraine without housing, work and means of subsistence, who have suffered psychological trauma in a state of stress.

Employees of the Center provide psychological, pedagogical, social and medical assistance, consult on issues of registration of documents and legal aspects, and the most important - help them to get a job in cooperation with the Employment Center.

Oleg Tuzla, new director of the Center, devotes much time and effort to find a job for his wards, because work is not only the future and confidence for them, but also food, clothes and the possibility of renting any dwelling in the future. But how to survive till the first salary? The state should finance them, but somehow it doesn’t work.

Our Foundation has responded to the directors request to help in solving this problem and now we periodically bring products, household chemicals and personal hygiene products.

The building of the Center is in great need of repair. The Funds management has already decided to help the Center in this matter.

Sep, 2015

Сегодня Фонд «Виктора Баранского» в очередной раз доставил в «Центр социально-психологической помощи» картофель, морковь, сахар, макароны, чай, масло, средства личной гигиены. Разгружать продукты нам помогали всего два молодых человека, остальные – на работе! Значит, Центр успешно справляется со своей основной задачей! Удачи!

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