Charitable Foundation "Victor Baranskiy's Fund"


Charitable Foundation "Viktor Baranskiys Foundation" supported the idea of NGO "Vilna Osvita". The idea is to create "Self-Education Center" in the reading room of Artsyz library. Foundation took an active part in its implementation. A modern platform for distance learning, cultural and educational events was equipped with modern computers, equipment, comfortable tables and chairs. The world methodology of creating of self-organizing learning spaces has been adapted to the realities of our country. 

The Artsyz Center for Self-Education has been working since the beginning of 2015. A series of career guidance events was held for graduates, and a program for 10th grade students is planned. It will include seminars, trainings, web conferences with experts of employment agencies and representatives of various professions. Also there is a School of Happy Parent, where lectures, discussions, trainings for parents are held. They can also receive counseling from a psychologist, ask different questions and discuss pedagogical problems together.   

The center is never empty. Children and adolescents appreciated the opportunities, that they have discovered from the first day of his work. They come here to do homework, write essays, prepare for various events and projects, search for and check information on the Internet, work with the team gladly and learn to make presentations. The performance of children in the school has increased. Six graduates have entered this year higher educational institutions of Odessa, Kharkiv and Kiev. Discovering the "big world", children wanted to change the world around them. They organized an event, which resulted in the collection of money to repair the school toilet and equipment of the sports ground. 

On 3 September, Viktor Baranskiy, the founder of our charitable foundation, visited the Center. He talked with the children, congratulated them on the beginning of the new school year and brought a projector as a gift. Viktor was so impressed by the conversation with the children, their enthusiasm, the desire for new knowledge, plans for the future, that he decided to help them with the organization of the Center for Self-Education in Kominternovskoe. Children gladly met this announcement and ... offered their help. They generated many ideas about the communicating with citizens of Kominternovskoe on the Internet, and about the organization of various competitions, games, joint projects and the tournament "What? Where? When?" between districts. 

The world methodology for creating of self-organizing learning spaces has successfully worked in the conditions of modern Ukraine and has produced impressive results. It proved, that intelligent, talented and knowledge-seeking children live in our country. They only need a chance and they will change their lives and the lives of others. They will change the future!