Charitable Foundation "Victor Baranskiy's Fund"

About the founder

Founder: Victor Sergeyevich Baranskiy – resident of Odessa, entrepreneur, politician and Maecenas.

In 2007 he graduated from the National Maritime University, "Transport Engineer". He is a specialist in the field of maritime economy complex.

Since 2005, he tied his life to the sea, worked in companies related to the maritime economic complex as an expert on foreign economic issues, Logistics manager, freight forwarder, agent, freight manager and leader. And today, continuing his career as a deputy director of LLC "Transflot service." Works for the benefit of his native city and the region, its prosperity and revival.

He is actively involved in the political life of the region. Now he is the deputy of the Odessa Regional Council of VІI convocation, a non-partisan, member of the Opposition bloc faction. He works in the commission on transport, communications and maritime complex. He is in charge of the Kiev district of Odessa, as well as Tarutinsky and Kominternovskiy districts of Odessa region from Opposition bloc.

He embodied his idea that every child has the right to decent living and training conditions, the right to support and help in the work of Charitable Foundation “Victor Baranskiy’s Fund”. The main focus of the organization, established in 2009, is to help large families, single-parent families, families in which children with disabilities are raised, young families from the number of orphans and children deprived of parental care.

As a real resident of Odessa, he enjoys water sports. He likes traveling and skiing. He plays chess and reads a lot.

Citizen of Ukraine. Married. He raises two children with his wife.

For more information on the activities of Victor BaraNskiy as the deputy of the Odessa Regional Council look at the official site of politician at