Charitable Foundation "Victor Baranskiy's Fund"

About us

Founding date: April 2009.

Founder: Victor Sergeyevich Baranskiy – resident of Odessa, entrepreneur and Maecenas.

The purpose of the Funds work: to help low-income families with children.


Beneficiaries (clients): large families, single-parent families, families in which children with disabilities are raised, young families from the number of orphans and children deprived of parental care, immigrant families from ATO zone.

Fields of activity: assistance to families that are in difficult circumstances, education, health, social protection and security, social services and poverty alleviation.

Our friends: CF “Svetliy dom”, “Manifest Mira”, “Doroga k domu”, “Juzn”, “DREAM CENTER”, “HUB-Odessa”. Charitable Foundation “Victor Baranskiy’s Fund” is the childrens fund, created for children and for the sake of children, for the sake of future.

We believe that every child is talented, and everyone has the right to decent living and training conditions, the right to be heard, to support and help.

Our mission: to support the child in his endeavors, help to develop skills, give a chance to grow up healthy, happy, and inspired by ideas and knowledge. All our projects and projects of other funds, in which we participate, are aimed at solving this problem.


Charitable Foundation “Victor Baranskiy’s Fund” thanks the volunteers and all who care, who do good together with us. Our doors are open for everyone, we are always happy for any help!